Pat Robertson Isn’t Harmless, Says Satan

In response to Pat Robertson’s annual Halloweenophobic rant:

Pat Robertson Isn’t Harmless, Says Satan

[ AP – Gehenna, Abaddon ] Your niece may look adorable in her Easter Bonnet, with all its frills upon it, but what she’s dressed to celebrate is actually the human sacrifice of a death cult.

This is the public service announcement brought to you by the Prince of the Earth, on his TV program, “The 666 Club” seen every Thursday night following “Two Broke Girls”.

“Acting under the evil spell of evangelists like Pat Robertson, their parents are going to make them eat sacrificial human flesh and drink blood in a barbaric ceremony on Sunday”, Satan warned. “These kids don’t understand what they’re getting themselves into…”

Satan Loves Football…

…demonstrably more than God.

From this story about Satanic prayer at a high school game:

…I was prompted to offer this observation:

It is inarguable that Satan takes a greater interest in football than does Yahweh.

Contrast the career of Michael Vick with that of Tim Tebow, and I think my point is made…

Seven likes and counting.  659 more to go… >:)

“Former Atheist” Cashes In

Not for lack of trying, but I cannot understand why a purported non-believer would cry out to a deity they didn’t believe in ( story HERE ).  Then again, I’m just a Stupid Atheist.

= = = = = = = = =

Okay, I do have a (rather cynical, admittedly) theory, available in the comments section via the story linked above, and I’ve pasted it below for posterity.  These things have a way of vanishing into the ethos-net.  Thanks in advance for reading:

One who doesn’t believe in a deity doesn’t call out TO it. If I claimed to reject the Roman gods and then was heard to cry out “HELP ME NEPTUNE!” it would be fair to consider me a liar at best, or a schizophrenic at worst.

While I don’t purport to know what’s in another man’s heart, given the story above I CAN submit that it appears Brother Morlan was an angry theist until such time as he could convince himself that Yahweh had finally stopped ignoring him and answered a prayer.

If that prayer was “Lord, help me sell books”, then I suggest that the above press-release (cleverly disguised as an epiphany) had far more to do with fulfilling that plea than divine intervention did, or ever could…

“Fundamentalist Atheism”?

My response to the charge from one of our loving brethren who would prefer that “fundamentalist theists AND atheists” be relegated to an island somewhere is below.

The protagonist (see the full article / responses HERE) defines fundamentalists as “…sticking to a short list of unyielding rigid beliefs with no open mind or intellect…”  Another commentator offered a brief correction, and I expounded thusly:

Mr. xxxxxx  beat me to the punch. Atheism isn’t a belief. It’s the lack of one.

And JUST one. We’re unconvinced that a compelling case has been made for god[s]. And that’s everything you can say about atheists/atheism as a whole.

Raised Catholic, I can dismiss the charge of being unyielding since I’ve demonstrated the malleability of my POV.

And my willingness to be convinced is evidenced by the countless hours spent in (ongoing, mind you) bible study and exposure to both apologetics AND counter-apologetics.

I consult the KJV daily. The NIV almost as often. I’d love
to discover a compelling reason to believe I’ll ever speak to my dead father again. Such evidence has not been forthcoming. The best I could do is lie to the devout, pat them on the head, and condescendingly pretend to believe them. I don’t want to be that guy.

As for the charge of shoving: we didn’t start the debate. We’ve simply responded to it.

We’re not shoving.  We’re shoving back.

Take care, my friend…


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