Debating Theists 101: Never Show Them Your Underwear

A good argument is based upon sound premises.

Often claims by the devout will start with propositions A, B, and C, and then build upon those to draw conclusions to “prove” D through Z.

And too often, we get bogged down in trying to DIS-prove D through Z.  Each new fallacious claim sends us off on another tangential argument until we’ve been run all over the yard like a dog chasing every stick being thrown.

Don’t do that.  Treat each argument like a firefighter, and focus on the source of the flames.

It’s easier said than done, and I’ll admit to being steered off the rails lots of times, but that’s the challenge:  stick with the fallaciousness of the premise, and don’t get distracted.

For example, here is a recent article by an awkward but prolific theist whose piece begins with two troubling premises:

a)  “If you believe atheism is true”; and
b)  “If atheism is your worldview”

I naturally challenged both.  Atheism is, quite specifically, simply “not theism”.  It is, at its most fundamental, a state of being unconvinced about god[s].  Period.

So premise a) equates to “If you believe not believing in god[s] is true” which is nonsensical.  And since atheism is a belief, not a worldview, I challenged that premise as well.  Atheism can certainly SHAPE one’s worldview, and the author had plenty of examples of that.  But just because an atheist HAS a worldview, that doesn’t make atheism a world view.  A Shriner can have a sandwich.  That doesn’t mean Shriners are sandwiches.

It doesn’t matter how many paragraphs of assertions, claims, and deductions follow the author’s flawed suppositions, they are unsubstantiated until his premises are proven.

And predictably, haughty challenges were offered in lieu of rational explanations:

“Well then, what’s YOUR worldview?”

Doesn’t matter.  If I challenged a claim like “atheism is an undergarment”, then “Well, show me YOUR underwear” isn’t a valid rebuttal.

Atheist Underwear

Stick to your guns, stay on topic, and don’t chase sticks.

And never, ever show them your underwear.

Unless you really want to…

“The Lazy Atheist” is Recommended Reading…

…so sez I, your humbly Stupid Atheist.  Here’s the article:

“You read everything that has ever popped into the head of a theologian, only to learn that the arguments for believing in God have big names like Ontological, Cosmological, and Teleological. Most believers don’t know these reasons, and no one asks them to. But if you want to claim disbelief, you have to know them, and refute them, one by one by one by one.”

Amen, Brother McGowan.

I don’t recall the last day I didn’t read something from either the KJV or the NIV (or both).  I’d wager the ratio of Theists v Atheists who have read Josephus, and the Apocrypha, and the Quran, and the Torah, and the Vedas, and the Bhagavad Gita would be quite telling…

Please Ask Your God Not To Make You Kill Me

I’m American, of French and Irish descent.

That means that the devout are constantly trying to kill my distant cousins:  the Muslims in Paris by beheadings, and the Protestants in Belfast via improvised explosives.

And vice-versa.

I hope this gives at least a little insight into:

  • “Why would you make a website like this?”
  • “What harm does it do?”; and
  • “Why are atheists so angry?”

The question shouldn’t be why non-believers are angry about religious zealotry.  It should really be:

“Why aren’t YOU…?”

“The Lord giveth, and the Lord bloweth away.” ~Sheldon Cooper

Is It Okay To Kill / Rape Satan?

Soooo, first it’s okay to rape your nine year-old “Satanic” daughters, and now it’s cool to kill your “Satanic” wife?

At what point do we acknowledge that believing in the concept of Satan (and god[s]) in the first place is the REAL problem…?

picture of naked red devil girl with trident
picture of naked red devil girl with trident