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“Former Atheist” Cashes In

Not for lack of trying, but I cannot understand why a purported non-believer would cry out to a deity they didn’t believe in ( story HERE ).  Then again, I’m just a Stupid Atheist.

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Okay, I do have a (rather cynical, admittedly) theory, available in the comments section via the story linked above, and I’ve pasted it below for posterity.  These things have a way of vanishing into the ethos-net.  Thanks in advance for reading:

One who doesn’t believe in a deity doesn’t call out TO it. If I claimed to reject the Roman gods and then was heard to cry out “HELP ME NEPTUNE!” it would be fair to consider me a liar at best, or a schizophrenic at worst.

While I don’t purport to know what’s in another man’s heart, given the story above I CAN submit that it appears Brother Morlan was an angry theist until such time as he could convince himself that Yahweh had finally stopped ignoring him and answered a prayer.

If that prayer was “Lord, help me sell books”, then I suggest that the above press-release (cleverly disguised as an epiphany) had far more to do with fulfilling that plea than divine intervention did, or ever could…