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Media Neglects Key Detail Re: ‘Return of Kings’ Misogynists…

So these guys want to legalize rape.  And they cite plenty of authority to do so.

And today they made the news in Wisconsin for having their convention of weirdness banned from the prestigious Brat Stop in the beautiful rural burbs of Kenosha, near the scenic I-94 freeway.

But the news organizations covering them seem to have overlooked something.  Any kids pursuing journalism degrees, help me out here:

The newspapers, television, and radio stations all covered the ‘who’, the ‘what’, the ‘where’, and the ‘when’ of the Return of Kings woman-disparaging organization.  What’d they overlook?

Hint: Wives, submit to your husbands,
as is fitting in the Lord

The why.  Why?  Here’s why.  Because their f*cking ‘why’ is the bible.


That’s why.  And it’s shameful that not one news organization mentions it.  Not a one…