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Stop With the “-tard” Already

I touched on this briefly in my second “Debating Theists 101” article, but perhaps it can’t be re-said enough times.  The best way to discredit yourself [and worse, those of us who will, by association, be considered your peers] is to resort to name-calling, and the “-tard” suffix is perhaps among the worst.

angrycomputerYou do nobody else on the atheist roster any favors by blurting out “creatard”, “religiotard”, or anything of the sort.  Further, you alienate anybody with loved ones suffering from mental challenges and, for that matter, anybody with an ounce of human decency.

In short, knock that shit off.

And if you’re not guilty of the charge, great.  Fantastic.  But I beg you to take it a step further:  vote down the comments of anybody using these epithets.  Ostracize anybody on either side of the debate who does.

In short, knock that shit off.

We can’t very well make strides toward convincing people about the value[s] of secular morality while our collective gravitas is perceived by the public as having been “retarded” by insensitive buttholes…