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Hard Drinkin’, Coke-Snortin’, Nazi-Lovin’ Irish-Catholic Priest

It sounds like a country song.  Or something I just made up so I could make that observation.  But b’gosh and however you spell ‘begorrah’, [note:  Google spellcheck wonders if I meant “Gomorrah”.  Heh.] this is apparently for real:

Drinkin', Coke-Snortin', Nazi-Lovin', Irish-Catholic PriestWhen told the Padre was snorting lines of blow while surrounded by Nazi paraphernalia, one member of his congregation hilariously remarked:

“It’s shocking. He’s supposed to be
an upstanding member of society.
He shouldn’t be taking drugs.”

Being a Catholic, his fondness for the Nazis apparently came as no surprise…