Addendum : Questions & Answers

…because you can only re-type the same friggin’ answers so many times before you snap.  Here y’are, folks:

Can you prove atheism is true?
You always fixate on Christians. Why is that?
What is the meaning of life for an atheist?
What if you’re wrong?
What about the sanctity of marriage? God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve!
Why do YOU care what people believe?
Where do you get your morals from without God to give them to you?
Can you show me one example of something that WASN’T caused?
Why do you ignore the GOOD things religion does?
How do you respond to C.S. Lewis?
How can you blame religion for divisiveness?
Have you ever seen a monkey turn into a man?
Are you an “evolutionist”? Do you worship “scientism”?

Can you prove atheism is true?


But I can make a pretty strong case that your question is ridiculous.  Atheism is the rejection of a claim.  [More on what atheism is HERE.]

So if you tell me polar bears are purple, and I don’t believe you, essentially I’m an aPurplePolarBearist.  Hopefully, you can see that the question “Can you prove aPurplePolarBearism is true?” is completely nonsensical…

You always fixate on Christians.  Why is that?

First of all, no I don’t. See my essay entitled “Please Ask Your God Not To Make You Kill Me” available at:

That said though, in this country, it’s not the Jews trying to hang their commandments on our courthouse walls, the Janeists aren’t trying to garbage up the textbooks in our public schools, and the adherents of the Flying Spaghetti Monster aren’t slaughtering the workers at any women’s healthcare clinics.

That’s why Christians are usually the target. Domestically, they’re usually the problem.

If Buddhists were god-fitti-ing up the public square with “In Gautama We Trust”, I’d be on their case. And I daresay, so would you.

And rightly so.

I’m happy to highlight some of the sillier stories in the Q’uran though, if only to put to rest the notion that we infidels will only poke at Xtians:

In 2:60, the Q’uran has a ridiculous story about Moses striking a rock and producing water for the 12 tribes of Israel;

In 2:247 Islam insists the smashed pieces of commandment tablets are stored in something called an ‘ark’;

In 2:249 the devout are admonished to drink water cupped in the hand and not lapped up like a dog because– just don’t, that’s why;

In 12:58 it’s claimed that Joseph’s own brothers couldn’t recognize him;

Wacky, right? Those stories may sound familiar to some who are NOT Muslims.

Or at least, they should. If you’ve really read your Bible…

What is the meaning of life for an atheist?

Hand a child a blank piece of paper and ask them to draw something.  Anything.  Whatever they’d like.

Let’s say they draw you a cat.

Now, look at the paper, frown, tear it in half and crumple up the torn pieces while admonishing the child: “You fool! That was dog-paper, not cat-paper! Your picture means nothing.  You’ve squandered your paper!”

That’s pretty much how I feel any time somebody insists that the canvas of my life is God-canvas.  Thanks just the same but, I’m happy to decide for myself what sort of meaning my life should [and DOES] have.

My self-ascribed purpose is to make our brief and precious lives as enjoyable as possible for the friends and family who surround me, and subsequently, for myself…

[alternate short version]

If a child draws a cat, and somebody tears the picture in half, crumples the pieces, and admonishes the child about how stupid they are for drawing a cat on what was obviously dog-paper, we wouldn’t stand for it.

Theists who insist our lives can only be painted on their god-canvas are equally reprehensible.  And we shouldn’t put up with THAT either…

What if you’re wrong?

Then, since I refuse to die in battle, I’ll be refused entry into Valhalla.

Oh, that’s not what you meant? Well then, I’ll be denied my 72 Muslim virgins.  Still not what you were talking about?

Zoroaster will throw me into his eternal House of Lies? No?

I’ll be denied entrance to Irkalla for not bringing bribes for the seven gatekeepers?

There are thousands of purported versions of Hell.  You’re only fixated on one of them? What if YOU’RE wrong…?

Why don’t you respect the sanctity of marriage? The Bible says that God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve!

Could you direct me to the passage in the bible regarding Adam and Eve’s marriage so I can read up on this for myself? Wait, there isn’t one?

No problem.  Just point me to the marriage ceremony as outlined in the text of the bible.  That’s not in there either?

Then I’m left to wonder why you’d brought your bible up in the first place…

Why do YOU care? Why not just let people believe what they want to believe?

Somebody else had apparently coined the word “devangelism” nearly a decade ago, and it may go back further, but I wish I’d been the one to do so. It’s an important and noble pursuit.

Had the Leonard family been de-converted they’d have had no motivation to beat their son Lucas to death last year for his apostasy. Chris Benoit might not have considered the absurd notion that he could send his wife and son to heaven by leaving bibles alongside their corpses after he’d murdered them. The list of atrocities goes on.

These things need to stop. Sadly, it doesn’t appear they ever will. But we can certainly minimize the collateral damage from religious nonsense by coaxing the fence-sitters down from the ledge before they jump off in the wrong direction.

Hitchens called it “perhaps the most important argument worth having”. I can’t disagree. Let’s have it then, at every opportunity, with anyone and everyone who will listen.

And even with those who won’t…

Where do you get your morals from without God to give them to you?

How is religious morality in ANY way objective?

If our ability to discern good from evil was bestowed upon us by a god, then we are unable to determine whether that deity IS good or evil, since an evil entity would deceive us.

It seems to follow then that we either HAVE that objective capacity independent of a god, or the matter of good and evil are SUB-jective to the whim of a purported creator whose good-or-evil nature can not be known…

Can you show me one example of something that WASN’T caused?

Nothing comes to mind (but that doesn’t mean there ISN’T something).  Can you show me one example of something that wasn’t caused NATURALLY? I mean, a duck came from a duck, a tree from a tree, etc.  Are you proposing that a universe could not have come from say, another universe?

And purportedly, your god was un-caused, no? So you appear to think something CAN exist without having been caused.  Which is it?

It’s not the burden of those of us who doubt you to disprove your claim, it’s up to you to substantiate it.  The claim that something was created supernaturally needs to be demonstrated…

Why do you ignore the GOOD things religion does?

It seems indisputable that the fewer people we have sawing the heads off apostates or murdering the workers at women’s healthcare centers IN THE NAME OF their particular deity, the better.  I hope we can agree on that much at least.

The good (which is done by people and not religions can be done absent any appeal to god[s]) hardly offsets the atrocious.  John Wayne Gacy delighted children performing as a birthday-party clown when he wasn’t murdering, sodomizing, and eating them.   The former does very little to offset the latter.

Nor does building orphanages excuse the church’s protectionism for paedo-sodomites…

How do you respond to C.S. Lewis?

His “Liar, Lunatic or Lord” false trichotomy does not offer us every option. We could submit: “Legend” or “Lore”, if we wanted to remain alliterative.

That particular apologetic also relies on the veracity of the Bible, which is hardly a settled matter. Even notorious apologists like William Lane Craig, to his credit, ask the defenders of the faith not to hang their hats on the rusty hook of Lewis’ feeble trilemma….

[ cite: Reasonable Faith: Christian Truth and Apologetics, Crossway Books (1994) pages 38–39. ]

How can you blame religion for divisiveness? The Bible is VERY inclusive!

Agreed.  Your bible is nothing if not inclusive.

For example, when Moses is ordered to slaughter the Midianites, God says to ‘include’ the non-virginal women.

When Saul is ordered to carry out genocide upon the Amalekites, the Lord specifically tells him to ‘include’ every man, woman, infant and newborn.

And His divine orders of ethnic cleansing also ‘include’ the Hittites and the Amorites, the Canaanites and the Perizzites, the Hivites and the Jebusites.

The Bible is indeed, very inclusive.  Maybe a little TOO inclusive.  But the divisiveness of religion is testified to by the thousands of Xtian denominations that have split from one another over the generations due to conflicting interpretations of scripture…

Have you ever seen a monkey turn into a man?

Have you ever seen an acorn turn into a leaf?  If leaves came from acorns, why are there still acorns?

All those sorts of questions are equally absurd.  Evolution doesn’t purport that monkeys became men, only that we’ve split from a common ancestry…

Are you an “evolutionist”? Do you worship “scientism”?

If you mean am I bound by the observed laws of nature as observed by science, including the changes in genetic allele frequency over time, then yes.  And so are you, my fellow “gravitationalist”.

[ *Note: I welcome you proving me wrong on this via your nearest fourth-story window. ]

But I’m willing to pretend, for the sake of advancing this discussion, that everything we know about any or every scientific discipline you’re unhappy with will be proven absolutely false by noon tomorrow.  How will that get us any closer to proving your god theory[s]…?