Mom Okay With Rape of “Satanic” Daughters

Filing another one under “What harm does it do?”

Since her daughters were possessed by Satan, it was cool with her that her husband started raping them when they were nine:

Ask me again why I try to dissuade people away from their supernatural notions…

Can They Put “Allahu Akhbar” On Their Police Cars?

Hamtramck Michigan’s city council is now predominantly Muslim:

…which should put the “there’s no such thing as separation of church and state” crowd into a tizzy, I’d think.



I’ve had more than a few online arguments discussions with the devout over why Bible-verse bumper stickers on cop cars are a bad idea.  Let’s see how well-received Q’uran verses are…

Poem : the Atheistic Bible

My reply to the suggestion that the books of the Harry Potter series might be representative of a modern, atheistic “bible”:

There are no needs for tracts nor screeds to bolster non-belief.
No threats nor bribes from ancient tribes
need give our doubts relief.
Our skepticism leaves no schism; we embrace our doubt;
An atheistic bible? We could all do well without…


Pat Robertson Isn’t Harmless, Says Satan

In response to Pat Robertson’s annual Halloweenophobic rant:

Pat Robertson Isn’t Harmless, Says Satan

[ AP – Gehenna, Abaddon ] Your niece may look adorable in her Easter Bonnet, with all its frills upon it, but what she’s dressed to celebrate is actually the human sacrifice of a death cult.

This is the public service announcement brought to you by the Prince of the Earth, on his TV program, “The 666 Club” seen every Thursday night following “Two Broke Girls”.

“Acting under the evil spell of evangelists like Pat Robertson, their parents are going to make them eat sacrificial human flesh and drink blood in a barbaric ceremony on Sunday”, Satan warned. “These kids don’t understand what they’re getting themselves into…”

Satan Loves Football…

…demonstrably more than God.

From this story about Satanic prayer at a high school game:

…I was prompted to offer this observation:

It is inarguable that Satan takes a greater interest in football than does Yahweh.

Contrast the career of Michael Vick with that of Tim Tebow, and I think my point is made…

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