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Hard Drinkin’, Coke-Snortin’, Nazi-Lovin’ Irish-Catholic Priest

It sounds like a country song.  Or something I just made up so I could make that observation.  But b’gosh and however you spell ‘begorrah’, [note:  Google spellcheck wonders if I meant “Gomorrah”.  Heh.] this is apparently for real:


Drinkin', Coke-Snortin', Nazi-Lovin', Irish-Catholic PriestWhen told the Padre was snorting lines of blow while surrounded by Nazi paraphernalia, one member of his congregation hilariously remarked:

“It’s shocking. He’s supposed to be
an upstanding member of society.
He shouldn’t be taking drugs.”

Being a Catholic, his fondness for the Nazis apparently came as no surprise…

Priest Punished for Popping a Pedo

Ask me again why atheists don’t just leave the church alone…


Posted by StupidAtheist.com on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The priest showed the boy as many as 40 images of naked boys.


If you say, worked at a daycare, and turned in one of your co-workers for molesting the kids, would you expect punishment or promotion…?