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Olive Garden of Eden…?

I’m the first to admit that it’s hard to know who the odds-on favorite might be in a cage match between Moms and Satan:



…especially a million of them, who plan to hit the Devil where He lives.  And He apparently lives at the Olive Garden restaurant.

If being angry at the Olive Garden restaurant is the number one windmill you feel compelled to tilt at, you’re living a pretty good life…

Christians PO’d About Christian Symbolism

Well I can’t love THIS enough.

Seems an atheist activist has posted an inverted cross in the public square down in Florida:


And everybody (perhaps even the protester himself) seems to think that it’s the cross of Satan.  Except no, it’s not.

…what we have are Christians demanding a public Christian symbol be taken DOWN…

The inverted cross has been Xtian symbolism since the Martyrdom of [Saint] Simon Peter, circa 200 C.E.  The actual Satanic cross looks like this:


So what we have are Christians demanding a Christian symbol (erected by an atheist, let’s remember) be taken DOWN from display in the public square.

If irony had calories, I’d feel compelled to go jogging right now…

Pastor : Jehova = Satan

Pastor of the Family of Christ Church, Stephen Nti Mensah has advised Christians to desist from using the word ‘Jehovah’ because it is another name for Satan

“On the 31 of December, 1989, I got a revelation through a dream. An elderly told me in the dream that Jehovah was not his name and that it was another name for the devil.”

Seems like rock-solid reasoning to me.  Here’s the entire story:


In fairness to the pastor, it’s often hard to figure out which players are on which team…

Satan Pope